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PRP Treatment

What is PRP treatment, how is it applied?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is performed by enhancing a small amount of blood taken from the person herself/himself in terms of thrombocyte by breaking it into components by centrifuging method and injecting this enhanced plasma to the hair area. PRP, also known as thrombocyte rich plasma quickly penetrates the application area and thus speeds up tissue renewal and recovery. It can be used to revitalize and strengthen the hair, prevent loss as well as to ensure fast recovery and growth of tissues after hair transplantation applications. It ensures that the transplanted hair is held on to the scalp, strengthened and nourished by preventing hair loss. Session intervals and frequencies In PRP treatment are determined by our experts based on the person’s needs.

PRP treatment after hair transplantation

PRP for hair transplantation is applied during three different stages based on needs:

  1. During transplantation in order to ensure permanence of hair follicles (PRP supported FUE),
  2. After transplantation in order to accelerate recovery,
  3. In regular intervals after transplantation in order to strengthen and revitalize hair follicles.

Advantages of PRP treatment

  • PRP does not contain any chemicals and does not cause allergic reactions since it is obtained from the person’s own blood.
  • It quickly penetrates the application area and shows its effect right away.
  • Thrombocyte rich plasma helps fast recovery of the tissue especially after hair transplant applications, strong adaptation of transplanted hairs to the area, and long-term active growth stage.
  • PRP is a method that is easily prepared and applied, and one session takes 1-1,5 hours on average.


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