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Porcelain Veneers

What is porcelain veneer?

Porcelain veneer; is the process of veneering the teeth which are crooked or defective at birth or which later lost its color and form due to reasons such as accident, injury, smoking, tea-coffee with metal supported porcelain that is the material closest to its natural look and color. This method is also applied to complete implant treatment in complete teeth loss cases, to restore a bigger filling in cases where there is not sufficient teeth support or to prevent breaking of weak teeth. Porcelain veneer method, preferred by people who are not comfortable with the appearance of their teeth and wish to have pearly white teeth and a bright smile, ensures quite healthy, natural-looking, long lasting (can be maintained up to 10 years) and aesthetic results. Metal supported porcelain is among the first materials preferred by dentists to design a perfect smile.

How is porcelain veneer implemented?

In this process, we thin out approximately 1 mm of top layer of the teeth to be veneered and then take a mould of your teeth. Until the metal supported porcelain veneer is ready, we veneer your teeth with a temporary porcelain material that is completely suitable for human health. Your metal supported porcelain veneer produced specially for your mouth, jaw and teeth structure is ready in a short time. Afterwards, we remove the temporary veneer and insert the antiallergic porcelain material that is fully compatible with mouth texture, specially prepared for you. You do not feel any pain since these processes are performed under local anesthesia. We ensure that the veneer does not apply pressure especially on the area where teeth and gums join; and it has the same color compatible with your teeth in the most natural way possible. All processes for metal supported porcelain veneer are completed within three days.


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