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FUE Slit Hair Transplant

What is FUE Slit Technique?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Slit Technique opens the micro channels where the grafts (hair follicles) will be placed by diamond (steel) tips. Grafts in FUE Slit Technique are taken by using FUE Technique as in other transplantation techniques.

How is FUE Slit Technique applied?

  1. Planning: Our experts determine the hairline that suits you the best, the number of grafts and the application plan.
  2. Preparation: The area of application is sterilized and local anesthesia is applied to prevent you from feeling any pain. Local anesthesia is performed by injecting the active substance to the relevant areas by an ultra-fine tip needle. For those who are afraid of needle, there is a very easy and painless alternative. It ensures that the active substance penetrates the skin painlessly thanks to a pressured spraying process, we apply the needle required for anesthesia after that area becomes numb. In this way, you don’t feel any pain.
  3. Collection of grafts: We usually collect the grafts from the area where the hair is the most abundant and strong, that is the back of neck. You don’t feel anything because this area is completely numb. If we need more grafts, we can collect grafts from the chest or from under the chin (applicable for men). The FUE Technique where the grafts are collected one by one provides us with this possibility in a highly aesthetic way.
  4. Opening channels: At this stage, we open micro channels with diamond tips in the direction of natural hair over the area where the grafts will be transplanted. Since you are under local anesthesia, you don’t feel anything during this process.
  5. Transplantation application: We transplant the grafts we collect with the most suitable density and angle over the designated area.
  6. Post-application process: We apply PRP treatment to the hair follicles on the day of application. After one or two days, first washing process is conducted in our clinic by a team of experts. During the washing process, we inform you about how to wash your hair. We conduct exuviating wash 10 days after the application. In this process, we recommend you to take PRP treatment, vitamin supplements as well as ozone oil treatment. We keep in touch with our guests for 12 to 18 months after the application and provide the required support by monitoring all stages.


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