PRP Treatment for Stronger Hair

PRP Treatment for Stronger Hair

We all want to have strong and shiny hair. But pollution, stress or other factors might decrease our hair quality. Also, we can experience hair loss due to these and genetic factors. PRP treatment will help achieving stronger and fuller hair look.

Actually, PRP is a non-surgical treatment to make hair roots stronger. Patients who are afraid of surgery prefer this method. Doctors also recommend this treatment during early stages of hair loss. This way, it is possible to prevent hair loss at some level.

What Is PRP Treatment?

In PRP treatment, blood is taken from the patient. This blood is processed in a centrifuge machine. This centrifuge machine separates blood into three components. Among these three components, platelet rich plasma is used in this treatment. Platelet poor plasma and serum components are discarded appropriately.

Then, this platelet rich plasma is applied to scalp by using special device. This device has micro needles that enable plasma to penetrate under the skin. This plasma will stimulate blood cells under your scalp. This way, more nutrition will be carried to weaker roots. Over time, these weaker hair roots will become stronger.

Who Can Have PRP Treatment?

Anyone can have PRP treatment. Generally, women prefer to have this treatment. PRP will make your hair roots stronger. For this reason, women and men with brittle and weak hair choose this treatment. Since PRP is a non-surgical treatment, you can have this treatment if you are afraid of surgery.

People allergic to anaesthesia can also have this treatment to have stronger hair. In some cases, PRP is applied to support hair transplant. Doctors do this treatment right after hair transplant operation. This way, new hair roots became stronger and hair transplant results are more successful. In all cases, PRP is a good option if you are experiencing hair loss.

Are PRP Results Permanent?

Unlike hair transplant, PRP results are not permanent. You need to have this treatment at least once in every six month. But this treatment can be repeated for 3 to 4 sessions. In most cases, weak hair roots will become stronger. There will be no new hair growth in application area.

If you are experiencing baldness or if you have bald areas on your scalp, PRP treatment will not solve these problems. You need hair transplant for these bald areas. But if you have thin or brittle hair, PRP will definitely help. You will start to see actual results in 6 months.


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